Shayna Hubers Found Guilty: Fatally Shot Ex-Boyfriend Six Times After He Left Her For Miss USA Contestant

Scorned lover Shayna Hubers was found guilty of first-degree murder for shooting her ex-boyfriend six times after he left her for a Miss USA contestant. Hubers was charged with shooting her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Poston, in 2012 after he planned to leave the woman for another. Hubers told police that the “hillbilly” in her came out and that she gave the “vain” Poston the “nose job he always wanted.”

WCPO reports that Shayna Hubers could face life in prison after she was found guilty of first-degree murder for the horrific murder of her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Poston. Hubers has been in jail since the 2012 murder when she admitted to shooting her ex-lover six times. She remained in jail on a $1.5 million bond. Though Hubers initially admitted to shooting Poston, she claimed it was in self-defense. However, jurors found did not see any proof of the self-defense claims, and instead they agreed that Hubers actions were that of a murderer.

To build the case for the prosecution, Hubers former cellmate was brought to the stand. She stated that Hubers “cackled” with glee when discussing shooting Poston in the face. The cellmate says that Hubers commented on the fact that her vain lawyer boyfriend finally got the “nose job he always wanted” in reference to shooting the man in the face. Further damning evidence from Vernon West, who lived in the condo below Poston with his wife Doris, suggests that prior to the shooting a woman was crying outside on the balcony. About 20 minutes later, West heard two pops followed by three additional pops and a loud thud. Hubers had maintained that Poston attacked her in the apartment, yet West says he never heard any noise in the condo above until the pops and thud.

On the day of the murder, Poston was supposed to meet a former Miss USA contestant Audrey Bolte. The Miss Ohio 2012 beauty queen says the pair were going to meet for a date that evening at a bar to play pool and have some drinks. However, Poston never arrived as he was gunned down in his home by Hubers.

In unsettling testimony from Peter Carter, who helped raise Poston since the age 1, it was noted that the night before he died, Poston and Hubers visited Lisa and Peter Carter for dinner to watch a political debate. Carter says that his son needed some advice because he was wanting to distance himself from Shayna and had set up a date with Miss Ohio the next day. He says that though they were separated, “Shayna is always around.” Carter attempted to give Poston advice and says to be “direct, but to be kind” when telling Hubers about what was going on.

Sadly, it seems that Poston’s attempt at honesty would cost him his life and the lawyer would never make it to his date with Miss Ohio. Hubers was evaluated by a psychiatrist who noted she was bipolar and had issues with substance abuse. However, Hubers did not appear to be affected by the problem in the police interview as there are no signs of manic behavior presented.

What sentence do you think the scorned girlfriend should receive for violently murdering her ex-boyfriend as he attempted to leave her for a Miss USA contestant?

[Image Credit: Police Handout/ Getty Images/ Isaac Brekken]