‘Scandal’ Schedule Change: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 2-Episode Block Moves Out Season 4 Finale

Scandal fans are facing a schedule shift as the Season 4 finale looms. ABC has just announced a change from what had previously been announced. Luckily, viewers weren’t left hanging an extra week in learning that Jake Ballard was still alive. However, another week without a new episode is coming, and this may leave fans feeling frustrated.

Though originally ABC had slated to run the final episodes of Scandal Season 4 on consecutive Thursdays until the May 7 finale, that has changed. As TVLine notes, now there will not be a new episode of Scandal airing on Thursday, April 30. The last two shows of the season will air on May 7 and May 14 now.

The change was made to allow for a two-hour block of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, April 30. Given the huge shocker of Dr. Derek Shepherd’s death in this week’s episode, it does make sense to many Grey’s fans to allow for two back-to-back episodes in the coming week. Unfortunately for Scandal fans, that leaves yet another gap in consecutive episodes airing.

The schedule for Grey’s Anatomy now has two episodes airing on April 30, with the episodes titled together as “She’s Leaving Home.” Obviously, the focus of this double episode night will be Derek’s death and Meredith sharing the news with everybody at the hospital.

The May 7 episode is titled “Time Stops,” while the Season 11 finale airing on May 14 is titled “You’re My Home.” As the season winds down, viewers will reportedly see April make a decision that leaves Jackson stunned while Ben and Bailey butt heads over their plans for the future. Things may not be over yet between Callie and that police officer while Amelia continues to struggle.

As for the remaining episodes of Scandal, spoilers tease that the May 7 episode is titled “A Few Good Women” while the May 14 finale is named “You Can’t Take Command.” Viewers will see Olivia defend a female member of the Navy in the next episode, while Huck and Quinn keep digging for answers regarding B613 and Mellie’s campaign continues.

The Season 4 Scandal finale obviously will have a big focus on Rowan and B613, given the episode title. Rowan has been known to say that very phrase before, and most would guess that the final battle between Olivia’s team and Rowan will play out in this finale.

Fans will have to wait until May 14 to see just how things wrap up in Season 4 of Scandal, but spoilers and teasers are already emerging for Season 5. TVLine teases that a former guest star will come back on as a new Gladiator. Who could it be?

Most are guessing that this new OPA team member may be Marcus, the community activist and disgraced mayoral candidate played by Cornelius Smith Jr. There are some other guesses too, however, such as perhaps Portia de Rossi’s Elizabeth North or Paul Adelstein’s Leo Bergen. The idea of George Newbern’s Charlie was mentioned by some as well. For now, fans will have to stay tuned to see just who joins OPA to fight the good fight after Season 4 of Scandal wraps.

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