Doctor Jailed For Sex Abuse After Smacking Nurse On Bottom And Calling Her ‘A Bad Girl’

A leading doctor received a six-year prison sentence after being convicted of sex abuse. On Thursday, Dr. Ram Manohar was found guilty of sexually abusing two nurses.

The consultant in emergency medicine and doctor at Arrowe Park Hospital in Wirral was accused of sex abuse, including intentionally touching a woman without consent.

According to one nurse, while Manohar trained her on how to find a heartbeat, he placed his hand down her top, then smacked her bottom and said, “You bad girl” when she answered a question incorrectly.

The nurse testified she was a victim of sex abuse because Manohar also touched her in an inappropriate and sexual manner. The nurse added Manohar told her, “This type of teaching is only for you.”

The court heard another testimony from the second sex abuse victim — a nurse who closely worked with Dr. Ram Manohar. She explained the 38-year-old doctor sexually abused her when she approached the doctor for medical attention.

The nurse testified that when she was suffering with a worrying neurological problem, she approached the doctor for help. According to a report by Liverpool Echo, the married doctor, and father of two children, examined her “when there was no reason for doing so at all” in a “gross breach of trust.”

The nurse added she trusted Manohar and considered him a professional. She eventually became attracted to him.

The sex abuse victim said Ram invited her to the office for coffee and later put his hands up her dress and kissed her. After telling the doctor to stop it, it was then that he told her he was married.

Dr. Ram Manohar was found guilty of three of the four counts of sex abuse and assault.

Defense attorney, Miles Bennett, said Dr. Manohar was an exceptional doctor. Bennett cited the sex abuse charges and sentencing of Ram Manohar would result in the General Medical Council removing the man’s license to practice medicine.

Bennett said, “Everything he has worked so hard for has been destroyed.”

Liverpool Crown Court judge, Andrew Menary, addressed Ram Manohar in court.

“This is in my view a tragic case – tragic because it had and will continue to have a profound effect on the lives of three people and many more besides. The consequences for you of these moments of madness is your career is now in ruins and you must serve a significant period of imprisonment.”

The judge told Manohar how his actions affected the lives of many, including his family.

“What she experienced would have been every woman’s worst nightmare when undergoing a medical examination. You were until now held in the very highest regard by your colleagues. All of that has now gone. You will never practice medicine again and that represents not only an enormous loss to you and your family but equally an enormous loss to medicine generally.”

The judge iterated that three lives of people who dedicated their lives to helping people are devastated. Both women will suffer with enormous emotional injuries because of sex abuse perpetrated by Ram Manohar.

[Photo via Liverpool Echo]