Drake’s Pre-Coachella Weekend Party: Planned Madonna’s Kiss?

What gets Aubrey Graham, aka Drake, ready before a performance? Simple. Drake’s songs get him ready. That, Rae Sremmurd, and the ploy to kiss Madonna on stage.

As Drake’s Coachella performances were said to have sucked, his pre-Coachella parties didn’t. While Drake’s new album, Views from the 6, is still in works, Graham is fully basking in the success of his mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

Though it wasn’t exactly a listening party, according to Complex‘s sub-editorial magazine, Four Pins, Drake’s songs were “live and in effect” at a pre-Coachella gathering at Drake’s residence.

“Massive speakers fill the house with a steady stream of Future and Rae Sremmurd, next to practically every song from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and some unreleased Drake records.”

The editorial piece was a first-hand account from a man named Earnest Baker. He’s a writer for the entertainment medium. From the account, he says that Drake hit him up shortly after midnight one early-morning, telling him to come to his place.

After getting there, the writer says that Drake’s new mixtape was playing all throughout the house, along with the other two aforementioned artists.

All the while heading to their seats, Drake mingled with the party-goers attending his private event. The writer gives a detailed account of his Drake experience, while just walking to their seats.

“He offers me a drink and we make our way into the next room, across it and to the bar. The energy of the space follows Drake. He is the energy. Bystanders are visibly thrilled when he walks past. His presence is always noted. His needs are always tended to. This night really puts ‘I use a walkie-talkie just to get a beverage’ into perspective. Drake is the boss…

“…Spending time at Drake’s residence feels how I imagine spending time at Neverland Ranch felt in 1991.”

Eventually, the two sat down and began a discussion of Coachella. The writer wanted to know how Drake’s performance was going to “wow” everyone. This is where Graham mentioned bringing on Madonna, which did or didn’t go over as planned. Only Drake knows that answer.

“‘We’re bringing out Madonna.’ His excitement is palpable. He sort of half-punches the air with confidence when revealing the news. I’m one of twelve people who still likes Madonna, so it sounds like a great idea to me.”

So, in an attempt to “shock and awe” everyone, the kiss may have been staged. Accordingly, it may have only been discussed instead actually practiced before the stage event.

Nevertheless, as has been seen countless times since Drake’s Coachella performance, a surprised-Aubrey offered a facial expression that has left many to believe he was disgusted by the gesture, rather than pleased. If it was what the majority believes, Drake wasn’t able to hide his emotions well and attempted to reconcile, as can be seen below.

What are your thoughts on it all? Do you think Views from the 6 will help Drake recover from his Coachella backlash? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Christopher Polk | Getty Images Entertainment]