Kate Middleton Royal Baby Watch: Why Duchess Kate's Due Date Could Have Big Political Implications

The royal baby watch is in full effect for Kate Middleton, and as Duchess Kate grows ever closer to her due date, there is speculation that the birth could have big political implications in Britain.

The royal family never confirmed an exact due date for Duchess Kate, though it did say that she was expected to give birth in the month of April. New speculation has estimated Kate's due date to be April 25, meaning if she is just a little later, the baby could come in the midst of Britain's general election.

The election is set for May 7, but if the royal baby's due date ends up within a day or two, it could create problems in coordinating the nation's massive voting.

As experts have speculated, that could be a boost to Conservatives.

"[Duchess Kate's due date] could be good news for the Conservatives, as anything that gives the country a feel-good boost so closing to polling day is usually regarded as a plus for whoever is in power," noted the Telegraph last month.

Kate Middleton has already given a hint that her due date could come near the election. During a visit to a children's center last month, a volunteer asked Duchess Kate about when the royal baby was due.

Kate responded, "I'm due mid-April to the end of April. Not long to go now."

It may not take much to swing the election. The British site ElectionForecast is calling for a very tight race, with Conservatives expected to hold 284 seats to the Labour Party's 279.

Others believe that David Cameron and Tories will exploit the national fervor over the royal baby and attract attention away from issues that could hurt them in the election.

The Socialist Worker wrote an editorial on the fascination with Duchess Kate and the royal baby, which the publication claimed distracts from real issues.

"In a few weeks' time the front pages will be still plastered with pictures of babies. But they will no longer be the ones murdered by immigration controls in the Mediterranean. Farce is rapidly taking the place of tragedy as Kate Middleton is set to give birth to another royal scrounger."

It remains to be seen whether Duchess Kate's due date will have any effect on British general elections. Both Prince William and Kate Middleton have remained tight-lipped about exactly when the royal baby is expected to make his or her appearance.

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