Nashville Swinger’s Club Plans To Open As A Church In Hopes Of Appeasing The Community


Just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, a small group of people is attempting to open what they are calling a church. Community members, however, have grave concerns over this new church, because right before they announced their new plans, the group had applied to open a swinger’s club in the exact same location.

When city and state policymakers found out that there was a plan in place to open a swinger’s club, they all quickly sprung into action and blocked the request. The owners, however, have seemed to find a way around the growing concern of residents, and lawmakers, by constructing a church that will cater to its constituents, in place of the swinger’s club.

The new church will be called the United Fellowship Center, and according to its newsletter, all memberships that people held at the Social Club will be carried over to its new concept. A dress code will also be in place for those wishing to attend the Fellowship Center, and casual things such as baseball caps, skull caps, bandannas and saggy pants will not be allowed.

“It’s going to be a place where people can meet and enjoy fellowship. There is no sexual activity that will go on there,” said Larry Roberts, attorney for the owner. “I assume if someone meets there and wants to do something of a sexual nature, they’ll go to a hotel or a motel or go home.”

Roberts went on to explain that if you call something a church, due to first amendment, you do not need approval from the government to open your doors. According to Roberts, the church already has approximately 200 members

District 8 councilwoman, Karen Bennett spoke to WKRN about the opening of this new church in her community.

“Do I really think they are a church? Not really,” she said.

According to Bennett, members of the community are just as concerned about the church as they were about the swinger’s club. The reason for all the concern, is that there is a Christian school located nearby, and the influence it could have on the school children if they have to watch people come and go from this church. Roberts, the owner’s attorney, says that these issues should no longer apply though, because the church will not be operating during school hours.

“They won’t operate when the school is in session. Just on Friday and Saturday nights from eight to two or three in the morning.”

The President of the Goodpasture Christian School is a major opponent of the project, no matter what they are referring to themselves as now. He tells the Associated Press that the floor plan for the church is exactly the same as when it was going to be a swinger’s club. All they have done is re-label the rooms. What was once referred to as “the dungeon” will now be the “choir room”, and a “game room” is now being called a “fellowship hall.”

It would seem though that the concerns of the community are valid because just last month, a swinger’s type club was raided in Britain by a gang of masked men, and it’s members were tossed out into the street completely naked. Just imagine if this type of event were to happen in the middle of a community, and children or anyone else for that matter had to witness hundreds of naked people scrambling around for their clothes.