AM-PM Assault: Suspect Attacks Woman With A Pocket Knife, This Is How Her Boyfriend Responds [Video]

Aric Mitchell

An AM-PM store in Pasadena, California, is in the news tonight, but probably not for the sort of reasons that they want.

That's because it was this location where an unknown assailant allegedly kicked the car door of a couple coming out of the convenience stop and the violence escalated from there.

None of the parties involved were identified, but the entire thing was captured on cellphone video. Apparently after the suspect allegedly kicked the car door, the three exchanged words and said suspect pulled out a pocket knife and jabbed the woman.

At this point, the boyfriend reared back and delivered one of the cleanest one punch knockouts I've ever seen. The suspect toppled to the ground and remained unconscious until police arrived.

Many are praising the boyfriend for the poise and execution, while others are noting that he used considerable restraint in not jumping on the guy after the initial punch and inflicting further damage.

Here's the AM-PM video so you can make your own determinations.

The suspect was arrested and is suspected to be charged for certain. Only time will tell if the court deems the boyfriend's actions were justifiable or whether they went beyond what was reasonable for the situation.

Fox 10 Phoenix did not report that there were any major injuries in the case.

While this is one of the better one punch knockout videos to come along in a while, it's not the only one that the Inquisitr has reported on. (Not by a long shot.)

One of the most recent came from this story, where a racist man was kayoed by the brother of the man he abused and was unable to eat solid food.

Sami Krasniqi, the brother of a man racially abused by inebriated passer-by Zack Collins, was sentenced to a year in jail after his act of harsh retribution left Collins unable to eat solid food for two weeks.

In fact, Collins suffered such severe injuries from Krasniqi's single punch that he was unable even to consume liquefied, blended food through a straw.

The incident took place in Plymouth, England, on June 22, 2014, and was captured on surveillance video. Authorities in Plymouth were alerted to Collins' racist antics at about 6am after a night of carousing and drinking in local nightclubs.

Do you think as in the Collins case that the boyfriend in the AM-PM assault went too far against his girlfriend's attacker, or was the punch justifiable? Sound off in the comments section.