'Hawaii Five-0' Season Finale Spoilers: Catherine's Return And Kono's Wedding Dress

Meredith Jacobs

Hawaii Five-0 is ending its fifth season not only with two episodes airing back-to-back, but also with one character's return and a wedding. But why is Catherine back? Will Koo and Adam get married?

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Adam's past could be a problem when it comes to his and Kono's wedding. While they got past her initial concerns (see the video below), the yakuza is still a problem.

In fact, in the Hawaii Five-0 season finale, the second episode airing on May 8 (at 10 p.m.), "A Make Kaua," Hawaiian for "Until We Die," Chin confronts Adam about his lingering connections to the yakuza. Also in that hour, Five-0 finds out that a stolen nuclear bomb is somewhere on the island and about to be detonated on the eve of Kono and Adam's wedding, and Steve is surprised when Catherine returns to Hawaii. (In the first episode, "Luapo'i," Hawaiian for "Prey," the team works the case of a murdered bounty hunter who caught a dangerous killer and Danny's ex-wife reveals a shocking secret that changes his life forever.)

TVLine was the first to share the photo you can see above of Catherine's return and reunion with Steve. Michelle Borth last appeared last season when her character chose to stay in Afghanistan, and this season, she was only mentioned when Steve said that she wasn't coming back and told him not to wait for her.

Furthermore, CBS tweeted out the photo of Catherine and Steve with a dialogue tease of their reunion in the Hawaii Five-0 season finale.

— CBS Tweet (@CBSTweet) April 24, 2015

But the main event of the finale is Kono and Adam's wedding – and hopefully it does happen. People has shared a photo of Kono in her wedding dress, as well as one of Kono with Adam in his tuxedo, and of course, she looks amazing. Because this is a Hawaiian wedding, everyone will be wearing leis.

Costume supervisor Michelle Moder explained that when it came to the dress, it was all about making sure it fit Kono's character.

"Our main objective was to get a dress that we thought really matched the character. Kono is strong and sleek – we didn't want anything too frilly. We wanted it to be feminine but simple and classy, like Kono!"

Grace Park agreed that "the dress is perfect for Kono because it's elegant, and the detail at the waistline makes it standout and unique."

Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on CBS. The Season 5 finale airs May 8.

[Image via CBS]