Tallywackers: The Male Version Of Hooters Restaurants Is Going To Be Opening Very Soon

There is a male equivalent restaurant to Hooters coming soon, and well, there were no subtle hints dropped in the name of it. It's blatantly obvious what the restaurant is going to be based on, and that's why it is called Tallywackers. It's currently set to open up sometime in May.

Now, for those that are hoping to head right out to Tallywackers next month, you may have to do some traveling. For now, there is only going to be one location, and it's located in Dallas, Texas, per E! Online.

Scantily-clad male servers will be walking around the restaurant and serving food that is rather phallic-shaped, such as hot dogs and the like. The attire shown so far is that of just some really tight biking shorts and the occasional apron.

According to Eater Dallas, Tallywackers will be located in Oak Lawn, which is referred to as the "gayborhood" of the city. A recent Craigslist ad looking for servers and all other positions had interviews at 4218 Lemmon Avenue in Dallas.

That location was previously occupied by the Catalina Room and Lolita's.

So far, many men and women have taken to the Facebook page for Tallywackers to show their support.

"I havent been here...but i think this is an AMAZING idea...women enjoy looking at " scenic views" too!!! Heck yea!!!" said one female Facebook user.
There was another glowing review/preview for Tallywackers posted on their page.
"Tallywackers is going to be a place for EVERYONE! No matter who you are? Men/Men, Men/Women, Women/Women, Gay, Straight, Lesbian...All those who are looking for a FUN PLACE to be TALLYWACKERS IS YOUR PLACE! From the Good Looking MEN who serve you to The AMAZINGLY Talented Entertainers who will make you laugh, smile and cheer. WE Believe there will be a LITTLE something or in some cases A LOT of something for EVERYONE!Looking to see you ALL in MAY 2015!"
Others are not so happy yet that there is next to no information about Tallywackers other than there will be male servers wearing very little. They know it's a bar and grill, but they'd love to see a menu or at least know a little something more.

Tallywackers is listed as a bar, restaurant, and entertainment. For now, it's known that there will be some eyes-only entertainment, but who knows what may end up being on the menu by the time it opens.

An exact opening date for Tallywackers isn't yet available, but it will be sometime next month. The male version of Hooters is about to become a reality, and if successful, it may end up being a chain of restaurants in the future.

[Image via NewsFix]