Oroville Firefighters Verbally Assaulted By Angry Taxpayer For Buying Groceries While On Duty, Firemen Politely Ignore Him

A group of firefighters from Oroville, California, were verbally attacked by an angry taxpayer for buying groceries while on company time and for using a firetruck to fetch the supplies for the firehouse.

Specifically, the irate man was upset that the firemen traveled to Raley’s grocery store, rather than the Wagon Wheel Market, which is much closer to their station, but also much more expensive. While the firefighters loaded their truck, the man stood by and declared “I will sue you personally” as they ignored his rant and politely loaded their firetruck without making the scene worse than it already was.

According to the Blaze, the firefighter’s area covers Butte county. The irate man was appalled that they would travel all the way to Raley’s grocery store rather than visit the one closest to them. He argued that they were wasting taxpayer money. He did not take into account that the Wagon Wheel Market is much less expensive that Raley’s or that it is only four miles between the two stores.

A bystander saw the interaction between the angry man and the firefighters and decided he should record them in case the situation escalated. The angry man then turned his verbal abuse on the recorder of the video, challenging him to put it on the news, then quickly changing his view and stated that he would sue if the video went public. Now that the video has gone viral, there is no update as to whether the irate man has filed suit.

The video was posted on Reddit and quickly coerced a debate in the comments, with many stating that the irate man was in the wrong and should have minded his own business. However, just as many feel that the recorder made the situation worse by putting his nose where it does not belong. One commenter shared his opinion about why he feels the recorder was in the wrong.

“It’s easy to jump down this guys throat but I really think the guy taking the video was the real a******. Not for being there recording, but for taking such an aggressive stance immediately.”

News 10 ABC revealed that the video was posted on April 7 on YouTube, prior to being posted on Reddit where it gained most of its attention.

Do you feel that the irate man was wrong for bothering the firefighters? What about the man that recorded the situation? Should he have minded his own business? Were the firefighters wrong for traveling the extra four miles to buy cheaper groceries?

[Photo Courtesy: News 10]