Deli Meat Nutrition In Question? This Video Might Change Your Mind On How Healthy It is

Deli meat nutrition might be a bigger question than you thought after seeing this video. You probably already know about the controversy that arose after McDonald's revealed their "pink slime" process, but this could make you skeptical to buy store shelf meats as well.

Even retired Microsoft head Bill Gates had something to say about the future of meat consumption, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. He stated that the world needs to "moderate and innovate" what we use in our diets.

It's doubtful that Gates was aware of how meat is actually processed for many grocery stores. According to the Huffington Post, a lot of it actually starts out as a kind of paste pumped into a sleeve or lined pan, depending on the product.

The reason for this is economical. Using more of the edible parts and processing meat as a kind of paste takes less time and resources, also reducing waste.

Apparently it makes more sense to use parts of the animal that we don't ordinarily think about eating and mix it all in together. Seeing the process in action and how it affects deli meat nutrition, your reaction might be similar to Christopher Lambert in Highlander when he was told about hummus.

It all starts with fresh cuts of meat, which are fed into a grinder and then pumped into a large mixing tub, where workers pour salt and spices into it. At this point, the mixing product resembles something out of a horror movie, appearing to pulsate from beneath. From there, it's squeezed or poured into packages and placed in a smoke room to cook.

Knowing how and why it's done might not make it seem so disgusting, but watching the process could make you think twice about what you think is high-quality lunch meat or grill fodder.

What do you think? Does the video above make you question deli meat nutrition?

[Image via YouTube]