‘Spectre’ CinemaCon Footage Reveals James Bond’s New Mission

Visitors to this week’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas were treated to advance footage from Spectre, and the clip has revealed tantalizing clues to the plot of the next James Bond film.

Spectre was only one of the films to be featured at CinemaCon, and while the footage that was debuted was hardly the most action-packed of the day, it depicted a full scene from the unfinished film. The clip opens with Bond staring out the window of an apartment, before answering the doorbell to find Eve Moneypenny, according to Cinemablend. Handing over a package to Bond, she says she can’t stay long, but immediately begins asking what is going on with the super spy.

As 007 tries to deflect her, we get our first major clue about Spectre, as Moneypenny says that what Bond did in Mexico was “one step too far,” leading his colleagues to claim he’s “finished” as a secret agent. It’s never explicitly stated what that event is, however, and Moneypenny tells Bond she thinks he’s “just getting started,” asserting that he has a secret he’s kept from everybody.

After turning on a television, Bond plays a video message. Media outlets who were in attendance have refused to reveal who is on the tape, according to Comicbook.com, because the individual involved would be too large of a spoiler. Bond receives instructions to track down and assassinate a specific person, and when Moneypenny asks how he obtained the tape, Bond claims it was mailed to him. He reveals his plans to track his target in Rome, before asking Moneypenny to act as a mole for him inside MI-6, seeking information on “The Pale King,” a name he heard in Mexico. When asked why he would trust her, Bond offers up a single word as an answer: “Instinct.”

The Spectre footage concludes with a short montage of action sequences, including a plane bursting through snow and a high-speed car chase. While the film’s first teaser has already been released, as the Inquisitr previously reported, the CinemaCon footage raises a number of interesting questions about the next installment in the spy franchise, which are sure to keep fans curious until Spectre is released in November.

[Image via Blastr]