Kurt Cobain’s Former Apartment Listed On Airbnb, One Decorative Item May Be In Bad Taste For Nirvana Fans

Fans of Nirvana’s front man, Kurt Cobain, can now spend some time in an apartment that the singer lived in. Thanks to Airbnb, the apartment that Cobain stayed in from 1991 to 1992 with Courtney Love is on the open market for fans to rent.

The apartment, located in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles, has one bedroom and one bath and has been remodeled since the days that Cobain and the love of his life called the place home for a year. The furnished apartment is clean and well kept, in contrast to when the grunge singer lived there. However, there is one knick-knack that may be too much for die hard Nirvana and Cobain fans.

It is stated that a bathtub leak is the reason the couple moved from the one bedroom apartment after the water damaged some of Cobain’s guitars and equipment. The space has since been refurbished and revamped to be much more inviting, which is what coerced Brandon Kleinman to rent the apartment from the current landlord. He was unaware of the historical tie to the argued creator of grunge, according to Time.

“The day I signed the lease, I was sitting with the landlord and as soon as I signed on the dotted line, he said, ‘Okay, now I can tell you the real story behind this apartment,'”

Brandon was amazed when the landlord shared the secret he had kept regarding the apartment.

“He kept it a secret because he wasn’t getting great tenants when he advertised the apartment’s backstory. He went on to tell me about what it was like having Kurt Cobain live here, and what to watch for. It’s been funny. Once every 60 days or so, I’ll get a weird, older gentleman, a rocker-type dude, sort of a burnout, knocking on the door, saying, ‘Do you know what used to happen here?'”

Rather than turn away fans who show up at the door, Brandon decided to use the history to his advantage and list it on Airbnb, so the people that have connected with Cobain and his music can share in the sanctity of the space. AV Club shared that the price of renting out the bedroom in the apartment can cost anywhere between $150 and $290 per night. However, one image of the apartment has some gawking at a vase that seems to be placed on a table in bad taste.


Would you spend the money to stay in an apartment once lived in by Kurt Cobain? How do you feel about the vase?

[Photo Courtesy: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images]