Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Trade Talk For Adrian Peterson Heats Up With Fewer Teams — Are The Cowboys Still In The Race?

The trade talk for running back Adrian Peterson has really picked up over the course of the last week since he was reinstated by the NFL. At one point, there were just two teams rumored to be interested in him, and then there were six teams, and now there are reportedly only three. One of the biggest questions remains: Are the Dallas Cowboys still in the rumored race for him?

The Dallas Cowboys have been one of the most rumored teams to be “chasing” Adrian Peterson, should the Minnesota Vikings choose to trade him away. They were always in the talks along with the Arizona Cardinals.

Last week, the Oakland Raiders appeared in the Peterson trade talk rumors all of a sudden. When the report came out that six different teams were interested in Peterson, the Raiders were nowhere to be found.

Those rumored three teams are the Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Jacksonville Jaguars. The Atlanta Falcons are said to be lurking as well.

According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, that list of six teams has been shortened down to three, possibly four. Unfortunately for Dallas Cowboy fans, their beloved teams is not listed in the latest rumors.

“Whoever says otherwise is 1,000 percent wrong. The Cowboys have not spoken to the Minnesota Vikings about Adrian Peterson. It has not happened. They haven’t offered a draft pick, they have not picked up the telephone to talk to the Minnesota Vikings about Adrian Peterson. It simply has not happened.”

The words of Robinson actually reflect that of Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones from earlier this week, per Pro Football Talk.

“I don’t see us using any picks to trade for veteran players.”

Now, while Robinson may be 100 percent accurate, this could be nothing more than a ruse by Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. The 2015 NFL Draft is just a little over a week away, and they may not want to let their actual plans public yet or they may want the Vikings to lower their trade demands for Adrian Peterson.

There have been many hints that the Dallas Cowboys are interested in acquiring Adrian Peterson. Once DeMarco Murray was allowed to walk away, the Cowboys only replaced him with Darren McFadden and that doesn’t seem like nearly enough.

That’s not even mentioning the obvious hints dropped by Dallas Cowboys’ website writers over the last week. Sure, that could mean absolutely nothing, but it is an interesting twist to things.

For now, Adrian Peterson is still a member of the Minnesota Vikings. The 2015 NFL Draft is approaching quickly, and a lot more about his future will be known soon. Rumors now have the Dallas Cowboys out of the picture, but let’s not place money on that being true just yet.

[Image via Vibe]