Fifth Harmony Promposals, Breakups and Summer Reflection

Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane finally got to go to a high school event, and it wasn’t just any event. It was Dinah’s senior prom, and her date, Nela, made the invitation perfect. The youngest Fifth Harmony singer told MTV news about the prom surprise.

“I assumed that we were going with a group of friends … then I walked outside, and I see a limo, and he opens the door, and I [realized] it was just going to be the two of us going to dinner. I was like ‘oh, OK!'”

OK might be an understatement. Dinah thought the promposal was sweet, maybe as sweet as the red velvet cake they shared.

Fifth Harmony promposal cake

“I just started tearing up because no one has ever done anything that nice for me before,” she confessed. “I was never able to attend any high school functions so this was my first one and how he approached me about it, asking me to prom, was the sweetest thing, and I killed the cake, so yeah, it was my favorite cake ever I just couldn’t help it.”

Fifth Harmony friends Mani and Camilla sent messages to Dinah too, and that helped get her through the embarrassing part of the evening when she accidentally stabbed her date.

“The flower thing? Yes! OMG, that is the funny part because I didn’t know how to put it on, like, the pins they were kind of tricky for me. So, of course I stabbed the guy on his chest on accident because I didn’t know how to put it on. I felt really, really bad so I had someone else pin it on his chest and acted like I put it on him, it was so funny.”

The two have been “special friends” for awhile now and it looked like things were going well, aside from the pin-to-the-chest-thing. But now there are rumours of a breakup and Fifth Harmony Harmonizers aren’t happy!

Oh oh. But at least things are going well with Fifth Harmony. Fans are counting down to the summer reflection tour and the band will be playing at the Radio Disney Music Awards on April 25. Fifth Harmony and Harmonizers are busy tweeting excitement for the big day!

The band isn’t too busy to care about their fans though. They took the time to arrange a Fifth Harmony special promposal for a special fan, Tristine. They showed up at Tristine’s house for her promposal to Jane, and sang “She’s Worth It” to help the two reach perfect harmony!

Fifth Harmony Promposal Tristine

Fifth Harmony, you’re first in Tristine’s books!

[Image via MTV News]