Ryan Serhant On ‘MDLNY’ Success: ‘My Fans Are My Reason For Working As Hard As I Do’

Ryan Serhant was a single, hard-working real estate agent when fans met him on Million Dollar Listing: New York. Serhant has continued to work hard, and he rarely took time off for himself. But since the first season of the show, Ryan has fallen in love and has learned to take some time off to enjoy life a little.

As fans will see later this season, Million Dollar Listing: New York star Ryan Serhant decided to propose to his girlfriend in Times Square, a move that made headlines worldwide. However, this week, Serhant decided to share some information about himself prior to becoming such a big success, and his boss had a big influence.

According to a new Bravo report, Ryan Serhant is now revealing how his boss has influenced him in his work. It sounds like Serhant has learned quite a bit from Eddie Shapiro, even though he felt a bit intimated by the founder of Nestseekers.

“I’m going to start this blog post by saying I think this episode should fall under the definition of the word ‘ridiculous.’ I’ve known Eddie Shapiro for a very long time. Not only is he my boss, he’s really the only boss I’ve ever had (except for Emilia),” Ryan Serhant reveals about his exciting listing, where he had to sell Eddie’s apartment.

But the listing did come with a challenge. Serhant’s boss wanted him to sell the apartment at a higher listing price and sell all of the art with it — an art collection that was worthless. Even though it was an investment for Ryan’s boss, the collection was deemed worthless as the artist did not really make an impression after his death. Despite him having a challenge in selling the apartment, Ryan Serhant reveals that he has learned quite a few things from his boss.

“He would look at me and ask what I was wearing almost every day. Not because there was a strict dress code, but because I would come to work in cowboy boots and khaki pants (my nicest clothes back then), and he would literally ask me, ‘Why?’ He would also consistently tell me I talked too loud,” Serhant reveals about the early days when he first started out as a rental agent, as Eddie had a huge influence in how he grew as an agent.

But his Million Dollar Listing: New York success has to do with his fans. It sounds like the support he gets from his fans pushes him to work harder — and maybe try new fun things. According to the Inquisitr, Ryan recently stripped down for a naked photo shoot in a very sexy apartment.

“I love you all for reading this. My fans are my reason for working as hard as I do,” Ryan Serhant has said.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant’s comments?

[Image via Bravo]