Woman Out-Flexes Man At Arena Football Game On ‘Flex-Cam,’ Video Instantly Goes Viral [Video]

The “Flex-Cam” at the Philadelphia Soul arena football game went viral after a woman removes her jean jacket to out-flex the man in front of her. The strong-armed woman was an immediate hit and the crowd can be heard cheering in delight as the woman’s bulging arm muscles put the man’s to shame.

The Philadelphia Soul uploaded the Flex-Cam footage to YouTube and it has since been viewed over 1.7 million times. The caption to the video says it all with one man being put in his place by the woman sitting behind him.

“‘You’ve been stoned, my brother!’ This guy thought he was big time during the Flex Cam at the Philadelphia Soul game on Sunday, April 12. Until he got put in his place!”

In the video we see the typical Flex-Cam making its way around the arena. During the special Flex-Cam segment, those who find themselves on the big screen are to flex their arm muscles in a bid to show off their strength. However, one unsuspecting man is left bowing in shame when the woman seated behind him takes off her jean jacket to reveal an impressive pair of arms.

At the 0:45 second mark the fun begins. A man is put on camera and immediately stands in pride to show off his biceps. However, the woman behind him can be seen laughing and jumps to her feet, throwing off her jacket. She begins to flex and the crowd is stunned. The strong-armed woman forces the man to cower in defeat as she puts her large muscles in his face.

What do you think of the strong-armed woman? Is she the ultimate flex-cam champion?