Louis Tomlinson Scandal: One Direction Member Hits Snapchat Allegedly Rolling A Marijuana Joint

The Louis Tomlinson scandal has entered its next phase, it seems. Shortly after Zayn Malik left One Direction, another member appears to have been caught rolling a suspicious looking cigarette. The image was discovered on Snapchat and could land the band member in more trouble than he wants.

This comes rather quickly after a video dropped featuring the Directioner, which has fans scrutinizing his junk, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. He had allegedly been smoking and drinking before partying with several women in his hotel room.

The genital scrutiny hit after video was taken of Tomlinson playing soccer in a white shirt and skinny white jeans, and apparently no undergarment.

Some could say that’s about par for the course when you’re a celebrity heartthrob in a popular band.

While many international laws might be much more lenient than the United States about the issue of marijuana, pop music band members are still supposed to be general role models. This doesn’t always work, as fans of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber can testify. It hasn’t stopped them either.

As also previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was a controversial statement made by Simon Cowell that One Direction would only be together for another year before splitting up. The statement was allegedly made due to the trend of the way it usually happens, and now with Zayn gone and the Louis Tomlinson scandal hitting the internet, it appears Simon Cowell could be more right than he’d thought.

Being caught with drugs, even in a Snapchat screen grab, doesn’t always mean a band member’s career is over though. Louis Tomlinson was allegedly seen smoking marijuana with Zayn Malik last year on their way to Peru, says Metro. It has been speculated that the joint was his way of dealing with the departure of Zayn and breaking up with his four-year girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

What do you think of the Louis Tomlinson scandal? Could it be the beginning of the end for One Direction or just another PR speed bump in a long career?

[Image via Kevin Winter / Getty Images]