‘Nazi Poland’ Card Sparks Outrage As Poland Demands Recall Of Mattel Party Game

An infamous “Nazi Poland” card has created quite a stir in Europe. After realizing that a card in the Mattel party game Apples to Apples used that phrase, the Polish embassy wants the game recalled and the card corrected.

In California this year, a similar offense was taken when a pair of swastikas were removed from someone’s home, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. The symbols were used to decorate the front door and window, and a Jewish neighbor allegedly decided they’d had enough.

For over 10 years, Adolf Hitler had run the Nazi party in Germany, one of the most infamous periods in history. During that period, Jews and others suspected of being Jews had been persecuted and executed. This horrific period became known as the Holocaust, and Poland was one of the countries victimized. The offenders appear to be confusing geographical similarity with involvement.

The Mattel party game Apples to Apples contains a card about the movie Schindler’s List with a description which upset the Polish government, says Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna.

“1993 Steven Spielberg film. Powerful, real-life story of a Catholic businessman who eventually saved over 1,000 Jews in Nazi Poland.”

The “Nazi Poland” card has been deemed offensive because it was a German regime which had overtaken Poland. According to NBC News, Polish officials are asking Twitter followers to send the message to Mattel about their game and how offensive the wording is to the people involved. The Polish embassy has stated that the card is “completely inconsistent with the historical truth and detrimental to the good name of our country.”

So far, there has been no response from the party game manufacturer.

In a similar move, FBI Chief James Comey has allegedly made the same mistake, calling Poland and Hungary accomplices to the Nazis.

Between the U.S. Ambassador and the people at Mattel, the United States allegedly has some apologizing to do to Poland. Apples to Apples may be just a party game, but the “Nazi Poland” card is just one more insult which can be corrected to make things right.

The Poles had no involvement with the Nazis besides being victims, and the government wants to make that perfectly clear.

[Image via Polish Embassy / NBC News]