'American Horror Story' Actor, Dalton Gray, Badly Injured In Drunk Driving Accident

Sarah Eckman

Dalton Gray, the 17 year-old actor who played Master Mike, on American Horror Story: Freak Show, was seriously injured on Saturday night, when his car struck by an alleged drunk driver in Katy, Texas.

According to TMZ, Gray and his friend were driving in their car late on Saturday night, when they were suddenly t-boned by another vehicle. Gray was not driving the vehicle when the accident occurred, but he suffered some serious injuries as a result of the horrific crash.

Dalton ended up with hip, pelvis, and femur fractures, but he also has several cuts and bruises on his face, as well as suffering some serious eye trauma. The damage to Gray's eyesight is so severe that it is actually having an impact on his vision. Doctors had to reconstruct the right side of the young actor's face and spent a considerable amount of time removing shards of glass from his eye. Even though Gray's eyesight is poor at this time, doctors say that they expect him to make a full recovery.

Dalton has taken to Twitter over the last few days to share some photos of himself since the accident. He also thanked fans and well-wishers for all their support as he goes through the long and difficult process of recovering.

Gray posted a close-up photo of his eye injury with the caption, "This is what happened to my face. If you ask me... It's an improvement."

Dalton then added an emoticon of a smiley face that was laughing so hard it has tears coming out of its eyes. In another post, he shares another close-up photo along with the caption, "SexC Selfie." Clearly, Gray has developed a sense of humor about his injuries.

Photos posted on Gray's official Facebook page by TMZ show the actor up and out of bed. However, by the look of the pictures and a statement that his representatives posted, the 17-year-old will need to undergo a lot of physical therapy and put in some hard work to get back in tip-top shape.

"Dalton was hit by a drunk driver Saturday night. We are so grateful for everyone's love, support and prayers. He was pretty banged up and has some physical therapy ahead but Dalton will come back stronger. Much love to everyone!"

Gray may have a long road to recovery, but he was released from the hospital on Tuesday, and he appears to be in good spirits about everything that has happened. The road for the alleged drunk driver could be a lot longer and include some significant jail time. According to the police, the drunk driver has been arrested and is still sitting in jail.

[Photo courtesy of Twitter]