June 29, 2017
Colorado Mom Gave Pot Brownie To Son Before Teen Jumped Out A Window, Police Say

Colorado mom Julieane Jablonski gave a pot brownie to her teenage son and then the young man ran and jumped out a window, police say. Jablonski, 38, was arrested for giving the marijuana brownie to her 19-year-old son, Austin Essig. After Essig ate the cannabis treat, he reportedly began "acting strangely" and ran and jumped "without hesitation" out of a third-story window.

Julieane Jablonski was arrested on "suspicion of providing marijuana to a minor" and felony tampering with a witness charges, according to Fort Collins Police Department records. The Colorado mom allegedly gave her son the pot brownie on April 14. Although the Fort Collins police did not release specific details about the injuries sustained by Austin Essig after jumping out the window, the department did say the teen was "seriously hurt."

Colorado marijuana statutes allow recreational pot use only for folks aged 21 and older. Voters passed the marijuana legalization amendment in 2012. Although marijuana prohibition still remains the law of the land due to federal regulations, three other states and the District of Columbia all now allow cannabis sales for recreational marijuana use. Medical marijuana is legal in multiple states as well.

Julieane Jablonski appeared in court on Thursday to address the charges levied against her for giving the pot brownie to her son. Typically, the marijuana charge would have been a misdemeanor because Austin Essig is an adult, but the alleged witness tampering aspect to the crime prompted Larimer County prosecutors to levy the felony charges.

"She allegedly attempted to get other witnesses to change their stories," Fort Collins Deputy Police Chief Cory Christensen said.

The case of the Colorado mom giving the pot brownie to her son before he jumped out a window is reportedly just one of several incidents where a person harmed themselves after consuming marijuana in the state.

Last March, Levi Thamba Pongi, a college student from the Republic of Congo, jumped to his death from a Denver hotel after eating "six times the recommended amount" of marijuana cookies. In March, Luke Gregory Goodman, 22, fatally shot himself at a Colorado ski resort after witnesses claimed he ate "a large amount" of marijuana candy.

Fort Collins police say Austin Essig ate just one pot brownie before he began acting strangely and ran to the third-story window and jumped. Investigators sent the marijuana brownie to a lab for testing to determine if the THC level in the brownie matched the amount noted on the cannabis packaging label.

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