Man Intends To Date 365 Women In One Year For Charity

When it comes to dating, most people want to go on as few as possible in order to find the “one” within the minimum time, hassle and expense possible.

But for Indian fashion photographer and actor Sunder Ramu, dating means something quite different, as he intends to date 365 women in just one year, meaning obviously one date a day.

Ramu is on the right track as he has already been on 110 dates since January 1st, and is still going strong.

Ramu is however a righteous soul, who goes at the end of each month to an NGO and sponsors a meal for residents of a home.

As Ramu told reporters,

“I was getting too comfortable being alone, which scared me. I decided that I was going to explore life and meet more and more people. Going to the club feels fake, and so I thought of going out on dates.”

Age is of no consequence to Ramu, as he has dated a woman as young as 21, and one as old as 105!

The latter of the two was from a remote village neat Pondicherry. As Ramu explained about that date, “I drove for ten hours, to and from her village, just to be with her.”

When asked about his agenda behind all the dates, Ramu shared, “I do not have any agenda behind going out on these dates. I am not looking for a romantic relationship. It is not a playboy thing. I think this is something that women understand and that is the reason they agree to be a part of it.”

So what does a daily date look like for Ramu?

According to him, “No two dates are the same and I am glad about it. Yes. There are days that I have too much work or when I am exhausted or I don’t want to meet anybody. On those days I do not keep any plans. I do not want the experience to be a forced one. But such days are rare.”

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