‘Boys Don’t Fancy Fat Girls’: Dad Gets Tough With Pizza Addicted Daughter

Being called fat and ugly by your own dad would, for most kids, be something of a humiliating experience, but for trainee teacher Amelia Morton, she thought her dad's tough love pep talk was both funny and motivational, and just what she needed to kick her pizza addiction and drop four dress sizes.

The Mirror reports that when 23-year-old Amelia began her business and enterprise studies course at University College Birmingham, she was three stones lighter than when she graduated. Why? Because while at college, Amelia had become hopelessly addicted to pizza.

So severe was Amelia's pizza addiction that she spent over $7,000 a year on the fast food snack. As she piled on the pounds and ballooned to 12 and a half stone, her habit got so out of control she was forced to take on a part-time job just to feed her addiction.

Although her love of pizza was making her feel terrible inside, Amelia confesses that she felt powerless to stop ordering the 24 inch discs made of carbs and dripping cheese.

"My pizza diet left me feeling bloated and unwell and I just kept piling on the pounds. I'd go to Pizza Hut or Domino's every single night of the week."
It was only after she graduated and returned home that some tough words and blunt advice from her dad made Amelia think twice about what she had done to her body through obsessively stuffing her face with pizza.
"It got to the point where one day my dad turned round to me and said, 'Look Amelia, boys don't fancy fat girls.' I couldn't believe my dad had said that but I also found it funny. I spent more on food than the average four-person family because I ate out so much."
Ditching the pizza, Amelia was shocked into the Cambridge Diet Plan, and since then has dropped an impressive four dress sizes.

Looking back on her pizza addiction, Amelia confesses it now seems like a bad dream.

"Now I can't believe I ever ate the amount I did - and I rarely have a pizza!"
[Image via Mirror.]