‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Angry Over Death Spoiler Before Last Night’s Episode [Spoilers]

If there is one thing that Grey’s Anatomy fans hate, it is the death of a beloved character. However, there is one thing they hate more; knowing that a character is leaving before the episode even airs. Many fans of the hit medical drama are outraged at one particular magazine for sharing that Patrick Dempsey, who plays neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd on the show, was leaving for good.

Entertainment Weekly sends out a magazine to all its subscribers on a weekly basis, and this week’s released a major spoiler to Grey’s Anatomy fans. Hours before the episode aired, fans learned the fate of a favorite on the medical show, finding out that Derek would die in an accident shortly after saving four people from a car accident.

The Telegraph reports that the magazine apologizes for the mistake. The issue was released a day earlier than expected, and people were not supposed to find out that Derek was definitely leaving Grey’s Anatomy. It was not a small spoiler, either. The magazine had a full installment about Dempsey’s last episode, with the title “The Doctor Is Out” next to a full page picture of the actor.

Fans of the show are also not happy with Shonda Rhimes for making the decision to kill him off, according to The Hollywood Reporter. For some, the death was not a major surprise. Dempsey has taken a step back from Grey’s Anatomy this season, and fans have gotten used to him not being around. However, there was the hope that Meredith, played by Ellen Pompeo, would get a happy ending with her McDreamy.

The outrage against Rhimes was somewhat similar to the outrage at the end of the season eight finale, which led to the death of Lexie Grey, played by Chyler Leigh. The season nine premiere also saw the death of another fan favorite, Mark Sloan, played by Eric Dane. Both died due to the plane crash in the season eight finale.

Fans are more upset due to Dempsey being one of the original characters on Grey’s Anatomy. There are not many left, with Pompeo, James Pickens Jr., Chanda Wilson and Justin Chambers the only ones left. Sandra Oh was the last original member to leave at the end of the season 10 finale, when she decided that she had had enough. Fans were happy to see that she got a happy ending and her exit storyline was linked to her storylines during seasons one to three. Patrick Dempsey has definitely left Grey’s Anatomy, and it will be interesting to see how the other characters deal with the loss of Derek.

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