Fur Coat Wearing Model Poses Provocatively With Bear: ‘It’s All About The Natural Harmony’

An extremely strange anti-hunting photoshoot which features two models provocatively frolicking in the snow with an over-friendly bear has been criticised because one of the models is wearing a fur coat.

The Mirror reports that the scantily clad and enthusiastic models were photographed by Olga Barantseva having some good old fashioned fun with the grizzly bear in a snowy forest in Moscow, Russia.

Like a scene that most people thought wouldn't be possible this side of Narnia, the models are captured cuddling the bear as he stands majestically, sitting astride him as he roars savagely, and lying contentedly on his furry flanks as he lies in thoughtful repose.

The bear the models appear alongside is called, wait for it, Stephen, and although he weighs in at a monstrous 650kg, Steve is something of a gentle giant with a barely disguised fondness for the ladies.

The pair of models, Maria Sidorova and Lidia Fetisov seem naturally besotted with Steve and can be seen kissing, cuddling and hugging the great big beast throughout the duration of the shoot.

Artful and engaging as the photos may seem, for photographer Olga Barantseva, the haunting images are all about the traditional friendship between humans and bears that exists in Russia.

"We wanted to show the natural harmony between humans and bears. It is about showing a traditional friendship - just like between two human friends - but between humans and the bears in Russia."
The models stop short of baring all for the cameras, but they are very scantily clad, and one of the young ladies appears to feel no irony in wearing the fur of a dead animal while rolling around in the snow with a playful Steve.

Yet such trivialities do not bother Olgsa. The photographer obviously has their trained eye on the bigger picture.

"We all need to live side-by-side in harmony and not hunt our fellow citizens who live in the forest."
(Images Via Olga Barantseva, The Mirror)