Lana Del Rey Drops Tease, Surprise Single: ‘Age Of Adaline’ [Opinion]

Am I the only person that noticed that there was not a solitary word dropped before April 21 that Lana Del Rey was going to be any part of Age of Adaline?

Lana Del Rey definitely teased all of us that did not have a chance to see a preview of Age of Adaline before its official release date. Otherwise, how would we have known that Lana Del Rey was contributing to the Age of Adaline soundtrack in the first place — or is that the story at all?

On April 20, Lana Del Rey posted on Instagram that we should all go check out Age of Adaline when it is released on Friday, April 24 in theaters. After searching for several hours, this author was unable to find any link between Lana Del Rey, Age of Adaline, and the lead actress Blake Lively.

Then, all of a sudden on April 22, Lana Del Rey was posting about how she was honored to be part of “this magical movie” and included a trailer with a new song from her for Age of Adaline. My jaw hit the floor.

In case there was some error, I went back and did the research again, limiting my search to news before April 20. Is Google hiding important links between Lana Del Rey and Age of Adaline before April 20 from this author? Chances are, that is highly unlikely — Lana Del Rey haters keen on anti-Lana Google sabotage aside.

Obviously, Google did not trick me, and Lana Del Rey saved this news to help promote Age of Adaline. One other reason I might not have been able to find links between Lana Del Rey, Blake Lively or Age of Adaline was that reviewers of the previews were not familiar with Lana Del Rey’s work when they watched it — and therefore did not publish about her. Another possibility is that Lana Del Rey contributed to the soundtrack of Age of Adaline, but the song is not actually in the movie.

Either way: Well played Lana Del Rey, well played.


Of course, everyone loves Lana Del Rey’s new song “Life is Beautiful” and have nothing but rave reviews. About the new Lana Del Rey single, Refinery 29 says, “Beauty is a theme in the lustrous singer’s new song, ‘Life Is Beautiful,’ but this time, Del Rey is singing about beauty that we can find in our everyday lives, rather than that of a young woman — which is fitting, considering the film in which it’s featured.

FDRMX says, “Lana Del Rey sings over a down-tempo production featuring glimmering piano and haunting strings.”

Music Times states, “Just like Del Rey and Lively’s Adaline, it’s haunting, gorgeous, timeless and somehow still so bittersweet.”

However, it is Spin Magazine that gets to the real heart of the issue for me. They state, “The new song sounds promising — floaty, otherworldly, and delicate even for Lana Del Rey. It’s a shame that it’s obscured by Lively and Harrison Ford’s dialogue.”

I agree that it is a little hard to get into the song with all of that dialogue over the top. But, in my opinion, the sounds of “Life is Beautiful” are a perfect fit for the mood, imagery, and colors in the trailer for Age of Adaline. In fact, it is a little too perfect — and it leads me to believe I was right to say on April 20 that Lana Del Rey and Blake Lively have an old souls, best friend connection.

And yes, I am saying I have a secret desire to see Blake Lively and Lana Del Rey become good friends. After all, it is amazing what can happen when two great creative minds get together [and yes, I am thinking about that movie idea Lana Del Rey came up with… starring Blake Lively].

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