WWE News: Big Update On When WWE NXT Star Sami Zayn Will Hit WWE's Main Roster

WWE NXT has been a big attraction dating back to the beginning of 2014, and it has not died off heading into 2015. The next live special at the end of May is already highly anticipated, yet we only have one actual confirmed match for the card. That being the NXT Championship match, which includes the champion Kevin Owens defending against the challenger and former champ, Sami Zayn.

For those that have not seen it, both Zayn and Owens have been in matches together many times on the Independent circuit. Their matches in Ring of Honor together against each other are some of the best in wrestling history. So WWE having the opportunity to show this rivalry in NXT is quite special. It seems Zayn knew this, and realized the best thing he can do is give fans what they clearly want to see.

According to Cageside Seats, Sami Zayn decided to stay in NXT just for the Kevin Owens rivalry. It seemed that WWE had tried to write this off and end things between the two a while back in order for Zayn to be called up. Then things changed, causing a move to be made.

This has led many to believe that WWE wanted Zayn to come up along with Neville and the Lucha Dragons. However, he decided to stay with NXT just to have the match with Owens. This could be a good and bad decision. Good, because it gives fans something for NXT and a great match for sure. Bad, because you never know when a person might get hurt or have an opportunity to shine.

WWE could have positioned Zayn in a spot to shine that went to another, but he insisted on working in NXT causing himself a chance that he may not get for a long time or ever again. There are always risks in pro-wrestling, but due to the type of talent that Zayn is... he will most likely be fine once he finally does debut on the main roster. Many believe he could be there by the end of the summer at the latest. At the earliest, June seems available, as the Live NXT Special airs on May 20th.

So the idea comes down to, does Sami Zayn come up to the main roster sooner rather than later or does WWE have him join the big NXT tour upcoming and then have him join the main roster once that is complete? Due to the big tour, many believe WWE will hold off on any call-up until after it is done. This will at least be the case until WWE can replace it's bigger stars on NXT with others of the same caliber.

[IMG Credit: mstarz.com]