Brody Jenner Says Kim Kardashian Is Being Fake, Doesn't Care About His Father's Transgender Journey

For Brody Jenner, evil step sisters do exist in real life, and they come in the form of Kim Kardashian. Recently, the two's father, former Olympian Bruce Jenner, has been making headlines with his gender transformation.

Although Bruce previously expressed that he had been anticipating this momentous event, the process is unquestionably emotional. This is why his son Brody stepped up to the job of making sure he feels protected even if it means banning his step sister Kim from visiting.

Days before Bruce's revealing interview with television show host Diane Sawyer, an insider exposed Brody's true thoughts about Kim. The insider said, "Brody doesn't want Kim to be around at all because all she does is just report everything back to Kris."

The insider also added that Brody feels that Kim is just putting on a fake show. "With Kim, nothing feels sincere, or real. Bruce needs love and support and Kim just doesn't offer that in Brody's opinion," the source explained. "Bruce think she is nothing but evil, and he isn't afraid to confront her."

Reports reveal that Kim recently visited Bruce after his breast implant surgery. However, Brody doesn't buy his sister's show of support, claiming that she was merely there as Kris' spy.

"Kim didn't ask Bruce one question about the surgery, or anything about his journey to living life as a woman. Bruce felt Kim only came over to get info to give to Kris, and to appear to be empathic towards his journey, which is so far from the truth," the insider also said.

This is not the first time that Brody and Kim have been in conflict with each other. Their step-sibling drama has been going on for quite a while starting when Kim refused to invite Brody's girlfriend to her Italian nuptials last year. Enraged, Brody ditched his step-sister's wedding and attended her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush's instead.

According to the same source, more drama should be expected from the two as the "tension between Brody and Kim is only going to continue to escalate." The source pointed out that this is because "Brody has zero tolerance" for Kim's "diva behavior."

In the Diane Sawyer special, Bruce opened up about his journey. He admitted that it was "going to be an emotional roller coaster" but he is determined to "get through it." Brody was present during the said interview.

[Image by Brian Steffy, Getty Images]