Fulham Sinkhole: London Hole Swallows Man And Woman [Photo]

The Fulham sinkhole has already become infamous as London’s hole, since it swallowed at least one man and one woman, and already some are saying it is a day they won’t forget easily.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the moment that two people were swallowed by a sinkhole was captured on video.

Witnesses say the Fulham sinkhole had been cordoned off by tables and chairs set up by the nearby cafe, but unfortunately it appears some were not watching where they were stepping. According to reports, at least one man fell into the hole and twisted his ankle. He apparently did not fall all the way down, and witnesses say he was seen hobbling away.

Shortly thereafter, a woman pushing a shopping cart stumbled into the hole, despite being warned by shouts from the cafe staff.

“A man came running out of the cafe. The hole had been blocked off with tables and chairs but she had squeezed through and went straight down,” explained a witness, according to Metro. “She didn’t have a pram or a buggy, it was a shopping trolley. The shop owner was shouting out to her ‘Don’t come through there.’ We looked over and she was down, all the way down the hole. She had walked onto it and it had collapsed beneath her.”

When the woman became stuck within the hole, witnesses said they were afraid bricks would come tumbling down and hurt her further. Mohammed Atillah, who works in the cafe, said he held onto her as she dangled, and helped lower her further into the Fulham sinkhole since it connected to a basement. The woman then walked up to the cafe through the basement’s stairs.

Fortunately, London’s sinkhole did not cause much damage, since the London Ambulance Service said she was “shaken, though not seriously injured.” On Twitter, they said she was taken to a hospital.

According to the Huffington Post, Hammersmith and Fulham Council said CCTV cameras in the area were “unfortunately pointing in the wrong direction” at the time of the fall.

“Nobody has reported a sag in the road to us and we don’t think there is any evidence it has been sagging at all,” a spokesperson said. “The council’s structural engineer has carried out an initial investigation of the basement collapse in North End Road and secured the site.”

Metal barriers now surround Fulham’s sinkhole, and London officials are investigating how the incident was allowed to occur in the first place.

[Image via Twitter]