Brockton Basketball Brawl Video: Ywron Martins Dead After Being Stabbed In James Edgar Park Fight

Massachusetts police say the Brockton basketball brawl left 18-year-old Ywron Martins dead after he was stabbed in a massive James Edgar Park fight involving hundreds of people. State police have obtained an arrest warrant for 24-year-old Anildo Lopes Correia of Brockton, but the murder suspect is still on the run.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, police released a video of a deadly Walmart brawl that left one man dead, one man shot in the stomach, and a police officer a shot in the leg. A violent mob of teenage Memphis girls were caught on video brawling at a high school.

Plymouth District Attorney Timothy Cruz says Ywron Martins died at a hospital Wednesday night after being stabbed earlier in the evening, during the Brockton basketball brawl. The man sustained stab wounds to his stomach, heart, and throat. Cruz says two other people were stabbed in during the James Egar Park brawl, but they are expected to survive their injuries.

Mayor Bill Carpenter said at a news conference at City Hall that there were large numbers of people involved in the Brockton basketball brawl, but out of the hundreds gathered together only a smaller percentage were actually fighting. Apparently, many witnesses merely watched the brawling and some used their smartphones to record videos of the fighting, as seen below.

Authorities and witnesses are uncertain what started the Brockton basketball brawl, but Mayor Carpenter said surveillance cameras are being set up to help ensure such a tragedy does not occur again. He also noted that Brockton motorcycle patrol officers had just left James Edgar Park before the brawling erupted, but state troopers in the city’s gang unit managed to intervene after coming upon the fight.

“The parks and playgrounds belong to families and children. They do not belong to thugs and criminals,” he said. “I’m outraged by the violence that took place on the playground last night.”

Jason Merlino, 18, said he attended Brockton High School with Ywron Martins, and did not think there was any reason for murder suspect Anildo Lopes Correia to target him.

“He was an outgoing kid. He always had a smile on his face. He always hoped for the best. He never went for the worst,” Merlino said, according to the Boston Globe. “He liked to work. I knew he had a little job or something because he would always be writing on Facebook, ‘Time to go to work. Time to get this money.’ He had pride into moving on in his life somewhere other than these streets of Brockton. And now it’s crazy that he’s gone.”

Police said Correia is also known as “Ace,” and although he allegedly murdered during the Brockton basketball brawl, authorities do not not believe he is a threat to the community. Regardless, given his suspected involvement in the deadly stabbing, WCVB says that police advise anyone who locates the murder suspect to avoid contact and to phone police immediately.

[Image via Marc Vasconcellos/The Enterprise]