Frustrated Colorado Man Killed His Computer

Almost everyone who uses personal computers gets extremely frustrated with them at times. Lucas Hinch, of Colorado Springs, got so fed up with his computer that he took it outside and shot it eight times and killed it, The Colorado Springs Gazette reported. The Colorado Springs Police cited Hinch for discharging a weapon within city limits for the act in which he killed his computer.

“He got tired of fighting with his computer for the last several months,” said Lt. Jeff Strossner of the Colorado Springs Police Department, “He was having technology problems, so he took it out in the back alley and shot it.”

Hinch executed his computer with eight fatal shots that permanently disabled it, as shown in the picture that he uploaded to social network sites after killing his computer.

“The penalty for the citation will be up to a judge, police said, adding that Hinch was good-natured about the citation and hadn’t realized he was breaking the law when he went Wild West on that useless piece of technology,” The Gazette reported, “Hinch shot it eight times, Strossner said, “effectively disabling it.” The computer is not expected to recover.”

“Sick and tired of an uncooperative PC, Lucas Hinch of Colorado Springs took matters into his own hands. He took a gun too,” reported.

Hinch told the Los Angeles Times that he has no regrets over ending the computing life of his troublesome Dell,” reported, and he also said about how he killed his computer, “It was glorious, Angels sung on high. It was extremely frustrating, I reached critical mass.”

The Inquisitr reported two days ago how Hinch killed his computer, “Most people can relate to the frustration of having a slow and unresponsive computer – a computer that gets hung-up and periodically crashes. However, it appears Lucas went a little bit too far in trying to deal with his frustration.”

While working with computers that run on Microsoft windows can be quite frustrating, with all the “blue screens of death” and the circles or hourglasses telling us to wait for something to process, or the crashes, such extreme frustration is understandable. While most of us will not take the computer out back and kill it execution style with the Glock, we can at least identify with the frustration experienced by Lucas Hinch of Colorado Springs.

Will your computer be killed when you get tired of how poorly it performs?

[Picture of Hinch’s killed computer from The Colorado Springs Gazette as uploaded to social network sites by Hinch.]