David Letterman To Get Primetime Special Sendoff

David Letterman will be getting a primetime special sendoff, with a vast number of celebrities set to take part in the show that will bid farewell to the Late Show host, according to reports. According to the announcement, Ray Romano will host the special, which will chronicle Letterman’s sprawling career, from his time as an Indiana weatherman to a budding stand-up comedian to late-night legend. The program will also feature highlights from Letterman’s Late Show tenure, including famous interviews and segments, like the Top 10 List and Stupid Human Tricks.

Letterman’s final episode of the Late Show will air on May 20, and the host has corralled a vast number of big name guests for his final shows, including Amy Shumer, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, and Oprah Winfrey. Bill Murray — who was David Letterman’s first guest and a longtime fixture on the show — will also be making an appearance, as will musical guests such as Tom Waits, Dave Matthews Band, Mumford & Sons, Elvis Costello, and Emmylou Harris.

More special guests for Letterman’s final shows will be announced in the coming weeks, leaving room on the couch for potential appearances from the host’s longtime rival, Jay Leno, and Dave’s successor, Stephen Colbert (who will begin hosting the show on September 8, after the Late Show takes a brief hiatus).

David Letterman has been making headlines ever since he announced his retirement. Most recently, it was when a video of Amy Schumer showing Letterman her “vagina” on the show went viral. The video of Schumer joking around with Dave is so popular that it is the second most-watched video listed under the Popular on YouTube list as of this writing. The antics happened when Letterman challenged Amy to do something she’d regret, since the Letterman episodes are winding down, counting down to his last The Late Show on May 20. That’s when Schumer stood up and showed off her legs, and immediately pointed to a scar high on her thigh.

“See my scar? That’s my vagina!”

What followed was what could be described as a typical exchange between the two. Letterman hung his head in laughter at the surprise of the word for the female body part coming out of Amy’s mouth unexpectedly. Schumer reiterated that it was really a scar she obtained from a surfing mishap, but stated that her real vagina is in the right place. That’s when Dave urged her to go for saying the word three times, and Amy repeated that her va-jay-jay was exactly in the correct place.