BB-8 Is Already The Breakout Star Of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Dustin Wicksell

BB-8, the Star Wars universe's first ball droid, may have only been revealed in a few seconds of footage so far, but the unusual robot has already become the breakout star of The Force Awakens, months ahead of the film's release.

Star Wars fans got their first look at BB-8 in the film's first teaser trailer, which was released late last year. Since then, the plucky ball droid has appeared in several seconds of the highly anticipated second trailer, and while it isn't known what role it will play in The Force Awakens, fans have already fallen in love with the robot, which finds itself at the center of the movie's marketing campaign.

— ScreenCrush (@screencrushnews) April 20, 2015

— Chase Masterson (@ChaseMasterson) April 16, 2015

With a presence in Disney's parks and a must-have toy in the works, BB-8 looks set to be the most visible part of The Force Awakens before the new Star Wars film is released later this year.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty Images]