Cristiano Ronaldo Shot Hits Boy, Real Madrid Star Instantly Redeems Himself With His Actions

Cristiano Ronaldo proved to the world just how nice of a guy he is on Wednesday evening, after an errant shot of his hit a boy in the crowd.

Rather than putting this down to bad luck and immediately moving on with his preparations for Real Madrid’s integral Champions League clash against Atletico Madrid, he decided to run over and give the child a souvenir he’ll never forget: a Real Madrid jersey. You can watch a clip of the incident below.

Ronaldo can clearly be seen wincing after he realises that his errant strike has sailed into the crowd and thwacked a young supporter on the head. Meanwhile, the child himself openly weeps and is consoled by his father as he tries to come to terms with his injury.

But then as the pre-match training comes to a halt and the rest of the Real Madrid squad make their way to the dressing room to get ready for the match, Ronaldo deviates towards the crowd to try and rectify the situation.

This results in him giving his Real Madrid training shirt to the child, all while the impressed supporters around him applaud and shower the Portuguese forward with their love. Ronaldo even gives a quick wave to the weeping child before he heads back to the dressing room.

Clearly, Ronaldo hitting the child with the ball didn’t affect his form against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday, though. Because even though Javier Hernandez scored the winning goal in the contest with Real’s cross-city rivals, it was all down to Ronaldo’s dogged run from the sideline that took out several Atletico defenders and allowed Hernandez to strike the ball into the net.

Real Madrid, who won the Champions League for the 10th time last season, will learn who they are facing in the semi-finals on Friday, while they are currently just two points behind Barcelona as they look to win the La Liga title for the first time since the 2011-12 season.

[Image via Ronaldo 7]