Cuil insults Helen Keller, is their target market adolescent boys?

New search engine Cuil is pushing tasteless blind jokes into search results for Helen Keller.

A search for Helen Keller on Cuil delivers “Helen Keller jokes” as a recommended primary search tab. Following the link displays jokes (on Cuil itself) such as “how did helen keller burn the side of her face? she answered the iron. how did she burn the other side? they called back.”

On the first page of results, Cuil’s “category” option bundles Helen Keller into “American child actors” and “American Anarchists” without explanation.

Could Cuil’s target market be adolescent boys who may like this sort of rubbish, or is it simply a case of Cuil being perhaps so fundamentally flawed as a search engine that it risks the wrath of the disability lobby?