Is Ariana Grande Childish? Big Sean Says She’s Too Immature For Him

Was Ariana Grande too childish for Big Sean? The Urban Daily Word reports that the rapper broke up with his songbird girlfriend because she “acted like a kid,” and she expected him to spend all of his money on her. In other words, the pint sized diva is being accused of being a spoiled brat, but are these allegations true?

A source reportedly close to the estranged couple told TMZ that Big Sean grew tired of the singer’s selfish behavior. He was always the one to travel to see her, spending most of his money when she’d essentially refuse to do the same for him. She also refused to show up and support him at a recent House of Blues gig, even though pretty much all the big names in hip hop were there to see him. She wanted to spend that time getting ready for the Grammy Awards ceremony, which wasn’t until the next day.

Sean also thinks that Ariana used their breakup to stage the infamous moment that Justin Bieber grabbed her on stage. He believes that she planned that to get back at him for breaking up with her. In fairness, she did appear to slap the pop heartthrob away from her as he grappled her on stage, but Sean doesn’t seem impressed by that. Meanwhile, he is asking for privacy during this time, because there is no doubt that this is a tough time for both he and Ariana — even if she might be putting on a show with guys like Bieber.

It’s funny that Big Sean has reportedly dumped Ariana Grande for being too immature, because for years the writers at Jezebel have speculated that the tiny R&B singer is actually a baby in disguise. They’ve even gone as far as to speculate that Big Sean — who they call her babysitter — broke up with her because she has reached bratty toddler status. All jokes aside, the writers at Jezebel probably didn’t realize how close to the truth they were.

So do you think Ariana Grande staged the Justin Bieber stage hug to make Big Sean jealous? If so, that’s certainly an example of immaturity, which is why he dumped her in the first place. Regardless of all the drama surrounding Big Sean and Ariana, the two of them are beautiful people who will certainly find no problem moving on with other people, immature or otherwise.

[Photo: Instagram via The Mirror]