Janet Jackson 'Missing' Fan Poster Creates Social Media Frenzy, 'Miss Jackson' Responds

Scores of unsuspecting fans are saddened that Janet Jackson is "missing." However, the singer is only missing in action from the music scene, especially stateside. Thanks to a shrewd flyer posted by a superfan that's been retweeted numerous times on Twitter, social media users thought Janet Damita Joe Jackson-Al Mana (say that five times fast) was a victim of foul play. In the end, it was a nasty rumor and everything is under control, according to an Entertain This report.

Perhaps the Janet Jackson missing rumor is the new celebrity death hoax, if this latest frenzy on the internet is any indicator. It goes that Twitter user, @MyVelvetRope, only known as Neka, posted a flyer weeks ago that suggested Michael's kid sister had vanished without a trace.

For lazy readers who only managed a glance at the post, it appeared to be a missing person's report, the kind you find affixed to milk cartons. Instead, it was a clever play on words that grabbed the attention of many people on the micro-blogging site.

In fact, it garnered the attention of powerhouse record producer, Jimmy Jam, who apparently shared it with Janet. That was enough to get Neka's motor running, as she gleefully tweeted away about the recognition.

Lo and behold, a short time later, Jackson, or someone using her account, responded to the "missing" post with a retweet. And things went haywire.

Although the missing post about Janet Jackson may not have given fans a thumbs-up from the singer about her eventual return to the stage (Beyoncé, be afraid, be very afraid), it appears Neka has found some new-found fame. Not only did her idol take notice of her spirited post, big players like ET carried the story.

As of this writing, the mania that developed in wake of the post about Janet is still going strong. Neka continued prodding her followers to help find "the mysterious lady in black."
"Seriously Janet, where the h**l are you? We NEED you back. We miss you. Your fans miss you. THE MUSIC INDUSTRY NEEDS YOU."
According to sources reporting on the story, Janet has been out of the limelight for six months. The last time she was snapped in the public was in October of 2014. Then, she appeared at the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience Gala Dinner with Wissam Al Mana, her billionaire husband of three years.

Last year marked a milestone for Janet Jackson, albeit an infamous one. It's been a decade since she and Justin Timberlake (mostly Janet) caught flak over an alleged wardrobe malfunction, AKA Nipplegate. Reportedly, she is still under an NFL performance ban.

Still, her forgiving fans long for her to return to the days in which she commanded the pop charts. In 2008, Janet released Discipline, her last studio album. Rumors have been brewing that Jackson may be gearing up for a new project. However, she sidestepped buzz and suggested she will just "wait a while." It's amazing how time flies. Get ready to reminisce.

Did you fall for the Janet Jackson "missing" poster?

[Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Vogue & The Dubai Mall]