Watch As Rescued Beagles Touch Grass For The First Time [Video]

Walking on green grass is normal in most dogs’ and humans’ lives. However, for five beagles, grass was something they had never seen. Through the actions of the Beagle Freedom Project, five beagles were brought to Los Angeles from South Korea where they were rescued from being test subjects.

Beagle Freedom Project is an organization with only one mission: To rescue beagles from “experimentation in research laboratories and give them a change [sic] at a life in a loving forever home.” That is just what they do.

Back in March, the group, along with three Korean animal welfare groups, tirelessly fought for the freedom of ten beagles, all used in South Korea for research purposes. The rescued animals were rehabilitated in South Korea, but not all could find a home there. Five of the ten found safe and loving home in South Korea. The other five needed special care that just could not be found in the country.

The five remaining beagles were brought to America to address these cares and find them forever homes.


In April, the dogs arrived and were considerably frightened. Understandably so considering all they had been through and the 20 hour trip. According to the Beagle Freedom Project’s website, the rescued beagles were a bit hesitant of their new, Los Angeles environment.

“Each dog cautiously explored the grass, each other, the California sunshine, and the friendly people handing out treats. It was thrilling to watch them run, sniff, pee, and play! One beagle was particularly shy and is going to need a lot of extra TLC. He kept to himself inside his crate and only would venture out when no one as looking. We are tracking his progress closely and he is going to an experienced foster home.”

Due to being held in cages for the entirety of their lives, the beagles, all males, did suffer from underdeveloped hind legs. Though their docile demeanor, one reason why beagles are often used as test subjects, was still intact.

The beagles, formerly only known by numbers, were given names and foster homes. The nature of the tests or research performed on the rescued dogs was not released. The name of the laboratory was also not disclosed.

Back in February, 116 puppies were rescued in Ireland. All of the puppies were checked out by vets with 32 of them having some sort of virus. It is believed that the puppies were intended for illegal sale in the U.K. They were not destined to be test subjects.

The five rescued beagles from South Korea are sure to love their new homes where they can run free and, you know, pee on every bush.

[Photo via YouTube Screenshot]