Violent Love Triangle Attack From A Suspicious Girlfriend Ends In Loss Of A Limb

A violent Philadelphia woman who suspected she was in an unwanted love triangle took things too far when she attacked another woman who she thought was having an affair with her boyfriend.

Madame Noire reports 29-year-old Precious Coleman drove her 2004 Dodge Durango to the whereabouts of 24-year-old Beatrice “Dee Dee” Spence. Spence was sitting on the front porch of her mother’s home in North Philadelphia, apparently in wait for Coleman’s arrival.

Upon seeing Coleman, Spence decided to deal with her. Her uncle, 37-year-old Damon Watson, tried to keep Spence from continuing on to confront Coleman.

It is alleged that Coleman’s vehicle went over the curb and struck Spence and Watson, and Coleman left the scene of the accident in her vehicle. The police arrived to find both Spence and Watson injured, and they were both taken to Einstein Hospital.

When Dee Dee’s mother heard the commotion outside, she ran outside and forgot about the food she had been cooking inside. A fire started in the home and the fire department had to come and extinguish the fire.

According to NBC 10, the home was unfortunately ruined as a result of that fire.

Coleman’s vehicle was found in an alley a day later. She turned herself in at her residence, just a few blocks from where the hit and run occurred, and was taken into custody.

The love triangle had been an ongoing issue for quite some time between Dee Dee, Precious, and the boyfriend. Apparently, Dee Dee had dated Precious’ boyfriend at one time, but it was not clear if she had dated Precious’s boyfriend while he was with Precious.

Spence’s cousin, Erica Watson, knew Spence had not been romantically linked to Coleman’s boyfriend for awhile and claimed, “The feud had been going on for a long time. Dee Dee got tired of the mess.”

Dee Dee’s sister, Alissa, said Coleman was mistaken about the love triangle.

“She thought Dee Dee was with him. She wasn’t at all. That was her ex. They weren’t seeing each other anymore. She had moved on.”

Regardless, when Coleman allegedly hit her perceived rival with her Dodge Durango, Spence received such serious injuries to her leg that it had to be amputated. Her uncle received minor injuries and was released.

Coleman was charged with two counts of attempted murder and bail was set at $750,000. She is being held at the Riverside Correctional Facility.

Dee Dee’s relatives claim Coleman was so convinced a forbidden love triangle was happening that she showed up at Spence’s home early in the morning before the incident and threatened her.

Spence’s 9-year-old sister, Ameria, told reporters Coleman said, “‘It’s Precious. Tell your daughter to stop f—ing blocking me on Instagram!’ Then she picked up a brick and threw it through the window.”

Later that evening, Coleman warned Spence she was coming over to sort the love triangle out, apparently once and for all.

[Photo by NBC 10]