'You Are Forgiven': ISIS Murderers Hug Victims Before Stoning Them To Death For Being Gay

A group of Islamic State militants posted a startling video showing two men being stoned to death for being gay. Prior to the stoning, the ISIS murderers can be seen hugging the victims and telling them that they have been forgiven of their sins.

The Daily Mail provides startling images of the latest assault by the Islamic State militants on homosexual men. The video and images show two men being savagely murdered by stoning for being gay. The men are led to ISIS-held territory in the province of Homs, where they are paraded in front of a number of blood-thirsty revelers in attendance to witness the horrific deaths.

The two men, accused of being gay, are blindfolded and placed in front of the large crowd. Prior to their execution, the two men are embraced by the militants and told that they are forgiven of their sins. The hug was viewed by ISIS-sympathizers as an "act of kindness," with many taking to the web to proclaim the killers have a "compassionate side," as is shown in the images of the embrace with the victims.

However, just moments after hugging the two men, the two are thrown to the sand and pummeled with large rocks. At least four jihadis are seen stoning the men to death until their bodies lay bloodied and battered on the ground. Miss Petite Nigeria notes that the men's calm demeanor throughout the whole ordeal is likely due to being drugged by their captors.

"It's reported that, they inject most men sentenced to death with cocktail of medications to reduce their anxiety."
The horrific murder of the two men is watched by a large crowd that seems to even include children. In some photos, you can see motorbikes parked in the background. Therefore, it appears that people traveled from nearby to watch the execution of the men who were charged with nothing more than being homosexual.

Being homosexual is considered an offense punishable by death or crucifixion, according to ISIS law. In fact, a person may receive 87 lashes for drinking wine and calls for the death to anyone deemed to be gay. The group says the extreme judgements are needed to establish the "law of God" among its soldiers.

"It has established the law of God among its soldiers, and it has brought judgements even of death without exception among them."
ISIS has videoed a number of horrific acts condemning homosexuality, and features the killings of those who are found to be gay. From throwing accused homosexuals from the top of buildings to public stoning, the deaths are highly publicized on the group's social media accounts.

[Image Credit: Reuters]