‘Teen Mom’ Cast At Odds Over Farrah Abraham Return

The Teen Mom cast was not thrilled when they discovered news of Farrah Abraham’s return to the show. After the series wrapped in 2012, Abraham went on to star in an adult film, which led to a successful career in the adult industry. Because of the show’s somewhat wholesome image, many members of the Teen Mom cast felt her return could compromise the show’s message of pregnancy prevention.

Still, the decision to bring Abraham back to the Teen Mom cast was up to producers, and when it came down to it, they felt the show would not be a success without her, and asked her back.

During an upcoming episode, the Teen Mom cast is seen reacting to the shocking news of Abraham’s return.

“I cannot judge what she does in her life,” Amber Portwood is heard saying about her fellow Teen Mom cast member, according to a sneak peek by Wetpaint Entertainment on April 23.

Portwood has a bit of a wild past herself, and spent 17 months behind bars from June, 2012, to November, 2013, after violating her probation in early 2012.

Maci Bookout is a bit more opinionated.

“I think that she’s not open to me explaining anything, or isn’t really interested in what I have to say. I’m not looking for validation from her.”

Since Abraham’s return to the Teen Mom cast was first announced, Bookout has been the most outspoken of the girls, claiming Abraham simply isn’t a positive role model for fans, and explaining that she doesn’t want her son, 6-year-old Bentley, professionally tied to her.

Abraham, meanwhile, doesn’t understand why the Teen Mom cast has taken issue with her returning to the show.

“I just don’t understand why someone, or many people, cannot get past something in which they don’t understand. They don’t know the full thing about that.”

“If you’re wanting to waste time saying things, being disrespectful, judging, and doing things that would block communication, then that’s how you chose to spend your time,” Abraham continues of Bookout.

At that point, Catelynn Lowell calls for resolve.

“I feel like we all need to listen to one another and one another’s opinions, and just hash the f**k out and get it over with.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Portwood recently dissed Abraham on Twitter. In the latest development in the Teen Mom cast feud, Portwood posted the following message.

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[Photo via Twitter]