MySpace Introduces Integrated Photo Editing Tool

MySpace has introduced a new option to let users edit photos from right within the social network. The built-in tool comes as part of a partnership with FotoFlexer, a Web-based image editing service.

The newly integrated MySpace photo editor offers options for all basic image manipulation — resizing, rotating, cropping, and the likes — as well as for more advanced effects such as retouching, color modifications, border additions, and distortion filters.

MySpace FotoFlexer

The FotoFlexer system allows you to either overwrite your original photo, or opt to have the changes saved as a new, secondary image.

While I’m typically more of a Facebook fan these days, this addition is a smart choice for MySpace that’ll bring a nice added functionality for its userbase — particularly to those who are less technologically inclined and might not have (or know how to effectively use) photo editing software of their own. The question, of course, is how long it’ll take for Facebook to unveil a similar option of its own.

FotoFlexer says the partnership, combined with an existing Photobucket collaboration, makes it the “most widely used image editing solution on the planet.”