Milliken Driver Shot On Highway: Is Someone Firing A Gun At Random Drivers In Colorado?

When most of us get behind the wheel of a car, we watch out for other drivers, deer crossing the highway, pedestrians -- not hooligans with guns. An unidentified driver from Milliken, Colorado, likely watched out for the usual hazards, understandably missing the unknown person who shot her in the neck.

The driver, a woman, was on I-25 just after 11 p.m. Wednesday night when something shattered the window on the driver's side of her car. Then she realized that she'd been shot, the Coloradoan reported.

The woman kept her wits about her long enough to pull over and call 911. Police arrived expecting to find an accident on the highway, but found the injured 20-year-old, the Denver Post added.

She got to the hospital as of Thursday, Denver Channel added.

What is most frightening about this story is that police have no idea who shot the gun, why, or where they came from. The target appeared to be random, and it may have happened before.

Earlier this week, a jail transport van was hit with something that smashed the passenger side window. No one knows if the cause was a projectile thrown by someone or shot out of some kind of weapon. And so far, police don' t know yet if the Milliken victim was part of the same pattern, said Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith.

"There's a lot more leg work that needs to be done on this case. It's hard because at this point we have no indication that this person was targeted by a person looking for her. She appears to be the victim of a random act."
The Milliken victim's identity, her vehicle, and the type of ammo used has not been divulged by authorities.

Meanwhile, all drivers should be on watch while driving the stretch of road between Fort Collins and Windsor -- which is a frightening thought. Criminals wielding weapons at the side of the highway isn't exactly what anyone wants to worry about on the commute home from work.

Nonetheless, everyone in the area is advised to be on alert for their safety and for suspicious behavior, Smith said.

"Right now we have many more questions than answers. I would caution people to not over-react, but they need to know this (shooting) occurred."
[Photo Courtesy Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]