WWE News: Former WWE Writer Reveals How The WWE Viewed The Divas Division

Before the WWE Universe began the “Give Divas A Chance” hashtag, the women in the WWE weren’t getting a good-enough chance to succeed. After a 30-second tag-team match on WWE Monday Night Raw, the entire Divas division changed from that point on. The WWE Universe was led to believe that Divas were going to get a fair share in the WWE programming module.

At the moment, Naomi is finally getting her chance as a heel to get a push towards the WWE Divas championship. The former-Funkadactyl paid her dues and WWE officials obviously feel she is ready. This is coming off the heels of a surprising AJ Lee retirement, and a Paige departure to WWE Studios. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Eva Marie and Lana are also expecting big pushes. So, what’s the problem?

Kevin Eck, a former-writer for the WWE, has the “inside scoop” when it comes to the WWE, because he lived it. Eck has a strong opinion towards it, which he said in his blog. First, Eck talked about how the WWE portrayed the Divas when he was there.

“During my time on the WWE creative team, we actually were told that there really are no babyfaces or heels in the Divas division. It was strongly implied that the Divas are all just a bunch of catty chicks, most of whom are mentally unstable.

“A perfect example of that philosophy was the booking of the program between AJ and Paige last year. Instead of establishing a babyface and a heel, both characters acted heelish.

“Their ‘frenemies’ angle was more confusing than compelling. Thus, the rivalry between one of the most ‘over’ Divas of all time and a heralded newcomer to the main roster wasn’t nearly as good as it should have been.

“The audience needs someone to root for. It’s really not that complicated.”

Eck also commented on how he would book the Bellas’ feud with Naomi.

“Here’s an idea for the Nikki vs. Naomi match for Nikki’s Divas Championship Sunday at Extreme Rules that would clearly establish Nikki as the babyface and Naomi as the heel: Before the match takes place, Naomi catches Nikki alone backstage and attacks her from behind, doing a number on Nikki’s previously injured knee (announcers can bring forward Nikki’s injury history in commentary).”

The former-WWE creative team member explains that a situation like that would set up a clear heel and face. Also, in his story, Naomi would keep attacking the knee, while Brie Bella pleads in the corner to stop the match. Nikki Bella would wrestle, regardless of her injury. The WWE fans would align with Bella and hate Naomi.

Kevin Eck wrote a storyline that would help out the WWE divas immensely. At least there are fans being optimistic. A select group of WWE fans think that the WWE “forgot” to give the Divas a chance. While that is absolutely false, perhaps the WWE divas aren’t being given a fair chance to this day. Do WWE divas get a chance?

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