Hough Hair Transformation: ‘DWTS’ Judge Julianne Goes Back To Blonde After Pink Streak

Julianne Hough’s hair is blonde again after the Dancing With the Stars judge went pink for a brief period of time. The bubblegum pink locks had stirred up varying opinions, but it seems the dancer and actress decided to go back to her standard look by the time the DWTS anniversary party was held.

Hough’s hair was a shocking pink for the past two weeks of Dancing With the Stars. The first week that Julianne had it pink on DWTS she had some waves in the mix too. This week, she went with a very sleek style with a severe side part that definitely have her a different kind of look.

After Julianne dyed her hair, she shared the photo on Instagram and dubbed it “unicorn” hair. She went with the wild look just before Coachella, an event she always loves to attend. As the Dancing With the Stars judge told E! Online, she loves to change up her hair and has actually been dying to try out a red color. She admits, though, that it may be a while before she goes quite that bold.

Just as DWTS fans were getting used to the pink look, Hough’s hair was changed back to her signature blonde. As People notes, the pink look went through a couple of versions before Julianne shifted back to blonde before Tuesday night’s Dancing With the Stars 10th Anniversary Party that was hosted by the magazine.

Why change back so quickly? It seems that the pink look was a bit high maintenance. Julianne has shared on her blog that she loves to experiment with different looks and she isn’t afraid to go big and bold. Though Hough’s hair had been long for many years, she’s been sporting a shorter bob for a while now and she’s clearly got ideas for other things to try down the road.

While Hough’s hair stunned a lot of DWTS viewers during that brief time, it looks like a lot of her fans loved it. She may have gone back to a slightly more traditional look for now, but it sounds as if she’s got plenty of additional adventurous changes up her sleeve.

Dancing With the Stars is in the midst of Season 20, with a big anniversary special coming up. Unfortunately, fan favorite pro Derek Hough was injured while rehearsing for the special. Julianne says that Derek’s injuries are serious, and for now fans will have to wait and see if he can make a return to DWTS this season with partner Nastia Liukin.

How will Julianne Hough’s hair shock fans and viewers next? Dancing With the Stars fans will just have to stay tuned and see how the dancer and actress decides to shake things up next.

[Image via E! Online]