Justin Bieber Fans Storm Twitter Over Fake Engaged Hailey Baldwin Pics

Justin Bieber, hurry up and share that post-haircut selfie. Your fans are going stir crazy.

That’s the only explanation for fans storming Twitter to trend #CongratsJustinAndHailey on Thursday, after other fans mocked up snaps of Justin Bieber’s pal Hailey Baldwin wearing an engagement ring. Naturally, the pics went viral.

The clever photohoppers made it look like TMZ had published a story (they did not) about Hailey Baldwin posting a photo of her “engagement ring” from Justin, captioned, “Thanks Bieber.”

Another Photoshopped shot was mocked up to look like Justin’s Instagram page. It shows a man placing a ring on a bride’s hand. Another pic showed a non-Photoshopped image of Justin and Hailey larking around at a private home near Coachella just before the festival’s first weekend kicked off.

As with all rumors, the “Justin is engaged to Hailey” story and “CongratsJustinAndHailey” hashtag were powered by another rumor. After the two friends began spending lots of time together from November onwards, the rumor mill went into overdrive. Gossip sites claimed the pair were in a rebound romance. Eventually, Justin and Hailey denied dating rumors.

While Twitter bent to the will of Beliebers earlier today, many fans freaked out over just the idea of Justin proposing. Some fans were happy. Others were enraged. Meanwhile, most fans figured out that the engagement ring pics were all fake.

Some fans tracked down the source of the fake photos to a group of Brazilian fans, who apparently wanted to motivate Justin to post a selfie of his new haircut.

Now, online chatter indicates most Justin Bieber fans are aware of prank, although many still seem convinced that TMZ was behind it all. Again, they weren’t.

As ever, the funniest takeaway from the Twitter meltdown are the reaction memes, snaps, and comments produced by the Belieber fandom. A selection follows below.

Parting thought? God (or Yoda) help Justin Bieber and his future intended if (or when) they get engaged. It won’t be pretty on Twitter.

#congratsjustinandhailey this is what happens in beliebers fanbase when there’s no new music or no selfie

— Justin Bieber (@h0rnyBizzle) April 23, 2015

that should be me #CongratsJustinAndHailey pic.twitter.com/cFKopu4V1u

— ㅤ (@believeftollg) April 23, 2015

When i saw #CongratsJustinAndHailey pic.twitter.com/xAx0MzdYZf

— marie (@drxwl) April 23, 2015

[Image via Shots/Instagram]