Erica Avery Sentenced: Teen Who Held ‘Friend’ Down, Taunted Her In Rape Video Learns Her Fate

Erica Avery, a 17-year-old girl accused of taking part in a horrific rape and beating of another teen girl — a barbaric assault that was filmed on a cell phone by another teen present at the attack — took a plea deal just a day after she was thrown back in jail after her release on bond for allegedly disobeying a judge’s orders.

The victim and Avery were reportedly friends, and what motivated the sudden attack remains unclear.

The assault on the teen girl, whose name has not been made public, took place on November 1, 2013, at the home of Jayvon Wilfork (top row center in the image below), now 20-years-old, in Hollywood, Florida. Five teens were charged in the assault, including another teen girl, Patricia Montes, who entered a plea of no contest on Monday.

According to the account given by the victim to police, the group were hanging out in the home, drinking and smoking marijuana, when the others, including the two girls, told her, “You have to have sex with Jay or we are going to beat you.”

The victim was 16 at the time.

The two girls then made good on the threat, dragging her through the house and into a bedroom where she was, according to charges against the other teens, forced into oral and vaginal sex acts while the two girls held her, beat her, and taunted her.

The victim also expressed bewilderment to police after the attack, saying that she thought the two girls were her friends and she had no idea why they attacked her.

One of the male teens, Lanel Singleton, recorded parts of the attack on his cell phone. Singleton has since agreed to testify against the other defendants. Portions of the video are said to show the two girls standing over the half-naked victim, continuing to taunt her after the attack is completed.

The victim told police that Erica Avery also spat on her before leaving her.

When Avery was released on $100,000 bond about a month ago, a judge ordered her to stay off the internet completely, but at some point, the victim received a taunting text message apparently from Avery, reading, “Bitch, you got beat up not raped.”

Avery’s older sister, Kristi, later took responsibility for sending the message, claiming that Erica Avery was not involved in sending it — though a recent picture of Erica was found on Instagram showing the girl with a cell phone, which the judge had expressly forbidden.

The sentencing took place even as another highly publicized rape video in Florida, this one in Panama City, made national headlines.

But prosecutors said the charge of violating terms of her release were no longer relevant after Avery entered a guilty plea.

Erica Avery pleaded guilty to charges of sexual battery, as well as kidnapping, which would normally carry a life sentence, except that Avery was tried as a youthful offender. She was sentenced to four years in prison plus two additional years of probation — which could turn into a 30-year sentence if she breaks the probation conditions.

Patricia Montes was hit with the same sentence and agreed to testify against the other defendants, Wilfork and Dwight Henry.

See the local news report above for more details on the Erica Avery sentencing. The report also includes excerpts from the horrifying rape video.

[Images: Broward County Sheriff’s Department]