‘Mad Max’ Gameplay Overview Trailer: Will This Be 2015’s Surprise Hit Or Another ‘Rambo’?

The new Mad Max gameplay trailer is here and looks to be taking a shot at being the best game of 2015. It’s really too early to tell until the game actually arrives and we get our greedy mitts on it though.

The Mad Max game appears to take the concept of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and simply remove the water, but with enough customization elements that it may feel completely different. Hopefully it will give us the customization to rival other apocalyptic survival games.

The Mad Max gameplay trailer starts out explaining that you play the role of the titular antihero, a man who’s lost everything. Your family, your car, and everything you own has been taken from you. The first thing you have to do is build a new car using parts from a local scrap yard.

For budding mechanics, it might not be as in-depth as you would want, but this is just a game. Put your socket set and floor jack away.

This is a game about vehicular combat, so you will probably be destroying marauders’ cars, scrapping them for parts, and possibly swapping those parts for the ones you want at the scrap yard.

Hand-to-hand combat will also play a role, as your trusty shotgun will attest, but ammunition is scarce. You’re better off using melee weapons, which might not be customizable, but you can upgrade them and your armor as you go.

The trailer continues to tell you that the only way to survive is to be more relentless than the enemy, much like the character that Mel Gibson made a legend back in the 80s. You must be willing to kill and destroy because if you don’t, you will be killed and destroyed yourself. The Mad Max gameplay could be just as brutal as the movies.

You will also meet others who have done the same, and helping them will give you a greater advantage.

For Twisted Metal fans, this may be the closest thing we’ll see to a sequel on the new consoles, with the added ability to get out of the car and take on your enemies face to face.

Could this take on Mad Max gameplay be Warner Bros. and Avalanche’s surprise hit of 2015, or another movie-based flop that could have been much better?

We’ll find out in September when it hits the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Linux.

[Image via Now Gamer]