Chris Brown Pays ‘Nuisance Payment’ After Roughing Up Man During Game

Chris Brown’s temper once again has gotten him in trouble, although it seems that Brown has settled this one outside of the court.

After playing a pick-up basketball game at a 24-Hour Fitness center in Los Angeles, Brown and three of his friends were accused of assault. Malcolm Ausbon filed the lawsuit after “claiming Chris and 3 cronies gave him a beat down in the middle of a hoops game they were playing,” according to TMZ.

Ausbon’s lawsuit was preceded by his lawyer sending “Chris’ attorney, Mark Geragos, a letter threatening to go to cops, unless Chris paid him $250k.”

Brown’s attorney didn’t respond well to the demand, referring to it as “extortion.” The two sides have finally settled, though, for what BET is saying is “way less than his [Brown’s accuser] asking price.”

Brown went so far as to say that it was merely a “nuisance payment” in order to get Ausbon out of his face, with TMZ stating that the settlement was “no more than 4 figures.”

The exact amount that Brown settled with Ausbon for is sealed, though, as part of the terms of the settlement. The settlement, though, means that Ausbon will not be able to bring charges against Brown resulting in a court trial.

As to why the payment was so much lower than what Ausbon was asking for, TMZ says that the “best guess is Ausbon lost all bargaining power when he arguably blackmailed Chris.”

While this is the most recent scuffle that Brown has had, there are plenty more in his past. Chris Brown has feuded with Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon after the two ladies shared their thoughts on his relationship with Karreuche Tran. Like any adult, Brown took to Twitter to fight back.

According to BET, Brown said, “It’s always the people with no career that talk all the sh*t.”

Brown does not keep his fights primarily just to women. Brown fought with Frank Ocean, leading Ocean to label Brown an “Ike Turner.”

Brown has also had some issues with Drake, R&B singer Brian McKnight, and comedian Jenny Johnson. While Brown may have had some serious issues with all of these people, it’s this latest case that he has actually settled.

Let’s hope that Chris Brown can keep his temper in check in order to avoid making any more “nuisance payments.”

[Photo Courtesy of Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images]