TNA News: TNA Wrestling Finally Starts Sending Out Checks, But Thousands Of Dollars Short

For weeks now there have been rumors regarding TNA and pay issues. This is not the first time TNA has been linked to pay problems with talent. There has been weirdness in pay dating back to 2009, so it is nothing new to hear of TNA pay issues. What is new is when TNA starts to make that problem worse by being behind for months on pay.

According to, TNA is sending out checks right now. However, they are behind on the pay so much so that people are owed thousands more than what they are being issued. As of this past weekend, the TNA production crew were more than two months behind on pay. They have still not been paid for the February PPV tapings or any show since then.

On top of this, workers are just now getting January pay from the UK tour this month, which is around 70 days late.

To add even more to this, TNA production found out that much of the talent was finally getting paid for March tapings while they had yet to get paid for February.

As mentioned above, this is not the first time TNA and pay issues have come up. Back in 2014, the problems were more significant than this. One production worker claimed that this is the third year in a row that TNA has been late paying them. While this has happened before, it is the first time that TNA has been very short on payment. This is seen as a huge morale killer among many in TNA production right now.

Hardy checks

However, while most of the talent is getting paid more and more, TNA has been thousands short with them, as well as production, this past year. Basically, it appears TNA is trying to take care of talent first. Which is an understandable thing. The problem here is that while talent is finally getting paid for March at the end of the following month, TNA production has yet to get paid for months of work prior.

Since production is a key part of TNA just as much as talent, one would imagine that TNA would pay them as quickly as they paid the talent. The problem comes down to the amount of money dished out. TNA signed a lot of people to new deals dating back to the first of the year after they signed with Destination America. On top of the new deals, TNA still has several that are paid on a per-date basis. It seems it is better to be paid per-date, as at least you’re getting the money in hand quickly. Meanwhile, others on a salary aren’t getting paid for months.

Matt Hardy noted on Twitter a little while back that he was getting paid by TNA, and he showed a multitude of checks to prove it, as you can see above. However, he unintentionally proved the problem, as all of those checks are from current work as well as back-pay over months of work there. He is not the only one to have been paid so late obviously. At least talent can say they have gotten paid for work they did somewhat recently while production has to go back to January to show you a check.

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